About Us

We sell clothing with fringes with a border ribbon of blue as the Most High God commanded for his chosen children to wear.

When I found out I'm an Israelite, I knew I needed to get some fringes on my garments. I'd bought my first set of shirts with fringes and had to wait a month to get them. I must admit, I was unease knowing I needed to be in my fringes like right now.

So I decided to order from another company and I never received that order. My wife and I decided to sell Israelites clothing and ship same-day shirts with fringes. After a few months, we decided to sell 4 shirt bundles and ship them out to our brothers and sisters a few days after ordering.

As far as the name, 4ustoo, it'd came to thought when companies like Youtube and Facebook started kicking our people off of their platform for voicing the truth. I decided to create a platform 4ustoo so that we could voice our opinions without being targeted and harassed by those companies. It's still in the making and will be coming soon at 4ustoo.net